Saturday, June 07, 2014

Being Thankful: Days 112 & 113

It's been a very tiring 2 days - in a good way. Busy out of my mind after two days out of office. Outstanding assignments, system training and familiarization... Evening sessions for our church conference...

I'm thankful for:

1. Having not to drive to work for two days.
2. A good mind rest from all the work before getting on board again.
3. Not giving up just because of the jam.
4. Getting out that urgent resolution in just over a day - our requests always come last minute.
5. Having questions to ask on the e-board system - much more prepared than the last time we had training.
6. Discovering I can actually apply for associateship. Experience & study duration checked! Now to fill the form, get endorsements & pay the money.
7. Worshipping in the house of God. Starved.
8. Thinking positive and not looking back into the past. Over and done with.
9. Homemade rice dumpling from my colleague.
10. Ideas. Always make me excited.

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