Saturday, June 28, 2014

Being Thankful: Day 132, 133 & 134

Crazy past 3 days with lots of drama. Lesson learned, don't simply say things when you're upset. I'm thankful for:

  1. saying the stupid thing to someone I trust (only). But it is my ultimate plan, I guess. God willing.
  2. our PLC AGM & EGM going pretty well besides some unreasonable shouting shareholders. Always read the T&Cs! Funny how our scrutineers told us that these few serial shareholders visit AGMs and kick up a fuss everywhere. Interesting, why do these retirees have so much angst in them? 
  3. my particular assignment, the board meeting, going well. All smiles. Ha-ha this and ha-ha that.
  4. my bio apple USB drive - super panic, running frenzy, copying out a presentation for the AGM. Nobody told me I needed to load the MSWG Q&As for the AGM presentation. So yeah, a whole roomful of shareholders and our Board saw what was on my USB drive - my ex-company folders and Frozen!
  5. the funny but costly incident of me thinking I loss my season parking card when it was actually under my laptop bag. Cost me RM7 but gave me and others a good laugh afterwards. The perils of growing old - misplacing things.
  6. the dreaded other AGM & EGM going on without a fight. And seeing our senior management play-acting with the script we wrote. We were all prepped (statutorily) and ready for hostility. Not too sure if the no-show of the minority shareholders was a good thing or a bad thing. I foresee more fire after their letter of request to adjourn the shareholder meetings was denied. We'll wait and see.
  7. having completed my really rushed board file compilation through my meltdown and being able to squeeze out some smiles out and act as normal as possible.
  8. not really caring if everyone knows what happened. I'm human and I have my limits too. I think this way of releasing stress is much more peaceful than shouting profanities at random persons who come by. So be it.
  9. the more I talk about it, the more I forget that feeling of anger. Disconnect. TQ friends.
  10. family time and talking. Hard to get everyone on the same page.
  11. the weekend. Genovasi time is always a time away from the stress. Time to do something totally unconnected and learn new things.

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