Friday, July 01, 2011

When Android, iPhone and Nokia 3310 Battles

It's really amusing how I manage to stumble upon funny things when I stalk my list of iWants. Currently the primary iWant is the HTC Sensation! I don't care whether it is lousier (feature-wise), thicker, heavier and more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy SII, I just love how it looks - the curves and lines.

Anyway, this is what I found on one of the lowyat forum pages and it really tickled me! I don't know where the person who posted it got the pictures from. (Disclaimer: I claim no copyrights for the pictures below as I do not know its origin. However I commend its owner/creator for creating at least one more smile {me} in the world with his/her good sense of humour) 



Nokia 3310

So, I guess moral of the story is... I should be happy with my orange brick. It has gone through many water spills, drenching in rain and dog catapultations, and best part is - nobody would want to steal it! ;)

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