Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's a No Go.

No email reply is always a bad indication. And a confirmation of this came in the form of a hardcopy letter via snail mail several days later. (but I still think replying an email enquiry is courtesy, regardless of whether it will bring good or bad news. Email etiquette would recommend for at least a neutral, vague reply rather than no reply at all)

I guess my Plan B has been thwarted. My friend says it's because my acceptance came in too late and if I had had it before the interview, it would've been an almost done deal. Oh well, I guess things happen for a purpose.

I've just notified my sensei of the results, thanking him for his offer to help me. I hope he is willing to suggest an alternative route I could take to proceed with my Plan B. However, if all fails, I still have Plan B Option 2 to pursue. This would be a tougher call as I would probably have to hit the books and sit for many more exams.

So it's back to the choice of either proceeding with Plan A or to continue trying for Plan B. What do I do? I have no idea.

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