Saturday, July 09, 2011


Today, Malaysian history is being made. The local TV stations are telling us lies - all having their "balls" clutched by the Government. But we are still able to know some parts of the true situation via the great Internet and international news agencies.

It is upsetting to hear certain "leaders", who are supposed to be neutral, make public statements that show how skewed they are. Turning something that is NOT about race into a racist warning. I don't see why our "leaders" MUST ALWAYS bring race into the issue - when none of us "rakyat" had even that thought in our minds! Seems like the "leaders", if anyone was to be blamed, are the ones who are stirring racial unrest in our country. The "rakyat" just want to live in peace and harmony with all the races and mixtures of races around in Malaysia. Is that so hard to believe?

Besides, take a look at the demonstrations today - it is not led by the non-Malays alone. A majority are Malays, who believe that we as "rakyat" deserve a clean and fair election. Bersih is not about race. It is about Malaysians exercising and finally fighting for our right to a better democracy! And not this sham of a democracy that we've all been duped into believing in all these years (due to filtered media).

My hats off to the thousands who went to the streets of Kuala Lumpur and all the states in Malaysia today, as well as the Malaysians demonstrating abroad - who despite their distance from our homeland, are still interested in fighting for a better Malaysia.

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