Sunday, May 01, 2011

My New Job

I've been a month in my new job and so far, it's been great! Perhaps I'm easy to please. As long as I don't fall asleep on the job, I'm happy. Although it's been a lot of drafting minutes, internal memos, circular resolutions, letters and filing, I've learned a lot, especially about the biotechnology industry in Malaysia. I never knew that most of the companies I used to liaise with during my undergraduate research project to order materials and reagents are actually BioNexus status companies.

The work environment has been good so far. My direct boss is really nice, and every one has said that I'm lucky to get her as my boss. Adjusting to working in a totally different environment and job scope than my previous job, naturally I've been plaguing her with many silly questions (and I mean REALLY silly ones!), but she hasn't shown any exasperation. So I'm thankful for that!

My division's Senior VP is really dramatic and animated, as many lawyers are. I had met her during my interview and she was the one who made the session humorous, relieving the tension in the room. Somehow I think I'm still a little scared of her, not too sure why though. Maybe because she has a 'booming' voice! Hahaha. I should learn to develop some of that (to compensate for my size hehe).

Last week was the Board meeting and it was quite a busy period for us, with preparing the Board file for the Members and endless last minute amendments! And when it came to THE day itself, the lesson I learned is that tiny details matters!

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