Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finding Angels in the Unlikeliest Places

Just when I thought my day couldn't get worse, it did. Last minute workload detained me at office till past 7.00 p.m. and when I finally got onto the LRT, there was this creepy smelly guy who sat next to me. I could see from the corner of my eyes (I purposely kept my eyes on my book all through the journey) that he was occasionally staring at me. I couldn't breathe properly for more than 20 minutes of the journey due to his overwhelming B.O. Yuck!

Anyway, let's leave that for another story.

The day was already night when I reached my final station. And since, I had parked at the makeshift parking lot behind the LRT station, I had to walk to my car in the dark lonely pot hole-ridden carpark. When I turned the ignition on, I discovered my petrol level was only at 2 bars high - which means I needed to pump petrol (I know with that little amount I can make two round trips to Shah Alam, but I just like to live on the safe side).

Throwing that concern to the wind, I hurried off from the parking lot. Something was not right. The car felt OK to the touch, but there was this dulled dragging and rhythmic thumping sound. I suspected it was related to my tyre. I meant to stop somewhere to check it out but the housing area I was driving through seemed too quiet and dark for my liking. Not taking any chances, I decided to drive out to the shoplots where Dr Lum's clinic is. And true to my guess, my rear left tyre was flat as flat can be. Thank goodness I noticed it before proceeding to the LDP and subsequently back home - my tyre would've been shredded by then.

With my petrol running low, I had to turn off my car and SOS my parents. After waiting about 40 minutes in the dark, my SOS team came - mom, dad and Aunty Mary (all senior citizens!). LOL. What a joke! I thought the third person would've been dad's mechanic friend, but that was not to be.

Between dad and Aunty Mary, they tried to change the tyre but the nuts were just screwed on too tight. Then a red bling-bling Myvi with some Indian youths pulled up and they were asking whether we needed help. I must admit that I felt pretty apprehensive to accept their help at first but we were in a position where we couldn't even help ourselves, so we accepted their offer graciously.

It took the youths quite a while to budge the nut and change the tyre but in the end the job was done. On top of that, I noticed that a couple of younger boys had joined to watch the spectacle and they were from the Tamil Church nearby. Turns out that these youths were all from the Tamil Church and that they were having a prayer meet that night. I really praise God for sending brothers in Christ when we were in need!

Sometimes our eyes may deceive us and cause us to be judgemental unconsciously. This incident has taught me that sometimes, we can find angels in the unlikeliest places/people. PTL for a lesson in life!

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