Monday, May 16, 2011

Ooh La La! Sensational...

There is this pattern that I gravitate towards. Every few months I'll get the itch to "plan to buy a phone" (but ultimately never get down to buying one). This month's "flavour of the month" is the HTC Sensation.

The HTC Sensation (photo credit:
This will sound superficial: I like this phone primarily because it looks great! Aluminium not plastic. Simple lines without any awkward protrusions. Smooth contours, not sharp edges. And in a way, it has some aesthetic elements of the Google Nexus One (which I still like, but might be a little outdated by now).

As a non-tech person, it is only natural to go for looks before inspecting the specs. So does this smartphone have any bells and whistles worthy of its image (and probably price)? For my targeted usage, the Sensation seems to meet my checklist:
  • 8MP camera which claims to have no delay in photo capturing (if this is indeed true, it would solve my all-time grouse about using digital/phone cameras)
  • Android platform - just because I think Google has great potential due to its opensource policy (although the privacy issue is kinda "Big Brother"-ish)
  • 1.2 GHz processor to speed things up (and apparently allow seamless multitasking)
  • nice big screen for reading stuff (doesn't hurt that it happens to be qHD too!)
  • wifi, Bluetooth for connectivity (the two that matters to me)
  • GPS for contingencies
  • microSD slot - storage won't be an issue
  • GSM compatible - so that I can actually use it here in Malaysia (unlike the HTC Evo or Thunderbolt or Droid Incredible)
According Soyacincau, the HTC Sensation would probably only reach our shores in June or after. And I suspect it would probably carry a hefty price tag too. Oh well, nothing wrong with daydreaming! ;)

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