Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Today I Learned What PA Really Means

Before I proceed, let me include a disclaimer: The following refers to a small portion of persons holding the said occupation and is not meant to generalise or be taken as across the board traits of those holding the said occupation.

Today I learned that some PAs (Personal Assistants) really take their jobs too seriously, and as a result turn into real PAs (Pain in the Asses).

You are telling us how to do our job but you yourself didn't do yours. Just print everything without reading and expect the whole proposal to come into order magically? Read the file labels and you will find what you are screaming your head off at us for. Who the heck in their right mind would send a DCR with only appendices? The Executive Summary and Letter to the BODs were attached and are self explanatory, if you would have cared to check properly but instead refused to acknowledge their existence.

Now I know why my boss cautioned me about you. You showed your stripes, little Napoleon. Just because your boss is someone important, doesn't mean you have even half of his brain. Dream on, Bitch!!!

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