Friday, December 05, 2008

'Stupid Girl' - That's the best description I can think of

a certain o&g group called me on wednesday, asking me to sit for an online aptitude test which comprise verbal and numerical reasoning. i had practiced the tests from this site before, during the days when i was going for an interview at standard chartered. so i figured i needed to brush up on the practice test before attempting the real test.

so yesterday, i booked the internet right after dinner and hung on to it, weathering all the instability at peak hours (10p.m. - 2 a.m.). i managed to do the practice tests in between the online-offline of my streamyx connection. and so when the line stabilised at around 2.30 a.m., i started on the real test.

the first was verbal reasoning. i managed to complete the 8 sample questions but when it came to the 30 test questions, it couldn't load beyond 60% and an error page popped up. after navigating away from that page, i found that the site had registered me as "successfully completed" the test! i was so shocked...

unable to call anyone or do anything further, i went to sleep. the next day, i bombarded the guy who contacted me and he gave me another number of the person in charge. i couldn't get through to her all day and tried again on monday but to no avail.

and so, is my sparkling moment of throwing a chance away... into the drain... sploish! i can hear it sinking to the bottom! stupid stupid girl!

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