Thursday, December 11, 2008

My red candybar is here!

referring to one of my previous posts, this is a follow up to the saga.

my (product) red ipod nano 4th generation is finally here in malaysia and in my possession (since saturday, 6th december 2008). mum's friend ordered it on 8th november 2008 and since the hong kong price is HK$1150, when converted to RM using the current exchange rate, the ipod worked out to be cheaper by RM60. so i paid RM540 for it. here's a couple of shots, just to whet your appetite and tempt you to get one too!

see how thin it is! i can stop peeking at it and sniggering... i can't believe i've finally got an ipod nano! so happy...

whenever i hold my new ipod in my palm, i'm so afraid i'd accidentally drop it! it's so thin and slick... but the edges are rather sharp... i wouldn't be surprised if i ended up getting a cut from those edges...

but i love the accelerometer in it! unfortunately i can't buy ipod games from the malaysia iTunes store... looks like we're always on the losing end! if possible, i want to purchase spore (to see what's the hype about it)

now i need to figure out how to use iTunes...

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