Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The funny things I see on CNN

CNN has these segments in certain news programmes where they show some amusing video or story (ok, honestly i've only just started watching CNN on a regular basis... so forgive me if i sound so enthusiastic about something that's been there since forever!). there were two things which i found funny today (it's only 10a.m. now)

1. there's this santa race (santa world championship) in some very snowy country where people dress up in santa's red garb and do all sorts of things - climb chimney, harness donkeys (or reindeers... i'm not sure), catching sweets with bungee cords attached to the santas, pushing sleighs and trying to shoot down tin cans with something from their red gift sack... and there was this shot of a beardless hatless reasonably young santa trying to shoot tha cans but was unable to come close to any even after more than 5 tries! i know i'm sadistic because i found it so funny and couldn't stop laughing! haha

2. a video of the flooding in venice showed a dude water-skiing in the flood water! rather enjoying the flood than feeling mundane! which reminds me of the photo which was on the news straits times homepage yesterday - a family squatting in the flood water in their home, having lunch (i think this was somewhere in terengganu). makes you wonder why they didn't stand up and hold their plates instead! hahahaha (SADIST!!!)

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