Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Real Sound Of Music

i've always secretly loved The Sound Of Music, never really proclaimed my interest in the musical though. maybe it's because everyone is so 'crazy-fan-bordering-cult-ish' over the musical. however, back to my main point in this post.

reading of the authorities order to stop the von Trapps' home in austria from being made into a hotel, i started to wonder "how can this be? i thought movies were made on sets (well, a large part of them are, i assume)". after googling "von Trapp", i found out the von Trapps were actually real people (i naively didn't know this till that moment... always thought the musical was a little too dramatic to be real).

reading up more from this site, i found that although some parts of the movie were similar to the true story, there were major differences in the timing and characters of the maria and georg von trapp. i hope i can find the book one day and read it. i think it would be an interesting read.

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