Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fuel cuts becoming too much of a norm... (but I'm not complaining, OK!)

the fluctuation of fuel prices in malaysia has made me all numb towards the changes. it used to be something very exciting where everyone would spread sms messages warning to either pump today or tomorrow, depending on whether fuel prices were going up or down. all this sms-ing will cause the petrol stations to have a field day, with cars all lining up to pump their tanks full (when the prices were going up)...

a couple of months back, the world oil prices skyrocketed and as a result, our government cut down the fuel subsidies and our fuel prices shot up to RM2.70 in june. this change caused quite a flurry here, with those in the public transportation services feeling the pinch. so the government came up with a fuel rebate scheme and a petrol subsidy cards for taxi drivers (where they paid RM1.92 per litre).

then came the gradual decending of petrol prices, a step at a time... to the latest reduction, the fifth price adjustment, of RM1.90 per litre. it's good news for me, as now a full tank of petrol does not exceed RM60 like it used to be. but turns out, it was bad news for the cabbies as they ended up paying 2 sen more per litre than the rest of us... so what is to be done to right this matter? i haven't been following up on this news, so for now i don't know what's the latest development (sorry!).

anyway, i used to post up the drop on fuel prices on the airport screens as soon as i had heard of the news (as breaking news)... but so many price changes has rendered me unmoved by any further reduction and the news ends up on tomorrow's list. so much for enthusiasm!?!

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