Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sometimes 'Enough is Enough'

there's a limit to how much crap one can tolerate from a family member or friend. perhaps some people may consider their friends much closer than family, but even then each individual needs a boundary of space (or virtual space, in some cases) where he (or she) can take a breather from all human contact. personal privacy and "me" time is important to me. unfortunately, some do not see eye-to-eye with me on this matter.

perhaps this is the reason i've never committed to a serious relationship. but i detest people assuming they have a right to know of my every whereabouts and what i'm doing. i mean, if i tell everyone where i am, what i'm doing and everything else about me, then what is left for my own knowledge? it is the element of mystery that makes a person interesting. i understand it is thrilling to keep tabs on others, knowing their every move and groove but every person has a right to privacy. one should have the right to decide what he or she wants to be made public and not be pushed into a corner to be interrogated. although such information may be triffle (not worth a thousand ringgit) but it is what some of us, poorer folks, only have to claim as fully ours. sometimes sharing isn't the best thing for a person. everyone needs a little secret (be it insignificant as it may) to distinguish their identity from the other people in the world.

that's why the undenialbly wrong button to push when initiating a conversation with me is prying into what i'm doing or where i am or going or who i'm with. i don't like people asking me these questions before even saying "hello", and therefore i try to refrain from asking people these questions. if i want to know those details, i will weave the question into the conversation after a number of sentences, when the conversation has warmed up. i believe that i should not do unto others what i don't like done to me. but the sad truth is that others don't practice this.

for me, these sort of conversation starters really put me off and can even ruin my day. why it ticks me, i don't know... maybe the way the questions are put to me, giving me no choice to back out of providing the information. some may say that you can actually avoid such questions by giving a vague answer or lying your ass off. but i find that a vague answer never satisfies the party asking which result in more prying, so why bother wasting time and just get to the point.

i don't think every person will share my views of this issue, but this is my stand on such matters of communication.

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