Saturday, December 10, 2016

Of Doppelgangers and Dejavus

Have you ever met someone new and felt that the person was so familiar? Familiar in the sense of looks, character and circumstances. Recently I have met one such person and upon getting to know her, it is uncanny.

My initial familiarity was her looks. And then I found out she lived in the same area as this other person I know, let's call her Doppelganger. New Person and Doppelganger are originally from the north and both work in the same field (different discipline). Spending more time with New Person, I noticed that she was similar in characteristic with Doppelganger - having an anxious impatient little tick.

And then I started to wonder, perhaps there are certain looks which are quite common. Somewhat like how you'd probably see a couple of Conan O'Briens walking on the streets of Ireland (ah, I remember that episode! haha).

And I further wondered if I had a common face as well. Perhaps I have six other doppelgangers walking around somewhere on this earth. That would explain why sometimes I get odd stares from strangers, like the time in a supermarket where I kept trolley-bumping into the same person and whenever I looked up, he was staring at my face without any expression. Weird. Or maybe I took the last pack of beans that he wanted or something? ;P

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