Saturday, December 17, 2016

I found my 30th firsts for 2016

Picking up from my previous post, I found my 30th firsts experience for this year - being called into impromptu discussions with the President and ED and for the past few days having to join/present at meetings of HODs and senior management. This is what happens when your boss goes on long leave and somehow suddenly so many issues come up on top of all the service agreements due for renewal by year end. A classic case of Murphy's Law.

I thought that I would have time to start on my two minutes and department SOP but I have been: tracking the historical of agreements - headache - reviewing draft agreements - emailing/chasing legal advisor - managing customer's expectations - answering queries by Group function - receiving new directive from Group function - trying to decipher a termination letter from a Partner - headache - representing department for meetings and getting tonnes of questions (which someone told me that when my boss presents in previous meetings, questions were uncommon) - trying to find out the latest updates for things that I've not been kept in the loop before - burning the midnight oil preparing for an update but unable to locate the information in the server (ah forget about it!) - headache - being called in to advise if there's a way to speed up fund disbursement and governance structure - cracking head in choosing words - chasing for resignation letters - chasing for approvals to meet lodgement deadlines (unfortunately we'll need to use the unofficial grace period) - issuing letters of award - attending Christmas party - playing Kahoot!

The long short, it's been an eventful week. I must say that in my previous workplace, the opportunity to work closely with senior management (like currently) is pretty slim at my level. There, designation carries more weight than your competency. In contrast, there is a certain level of intimacy here.

Although, recently I did find out something (which I'm not sure what to feel about it) from my ex-colleagues about a potential boss I nearly had. I guess in hind sight it was a blessing that I rejected the offer, knowing now of his fate and the going-ons. Everything happens for a reason.

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