Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Disruption to the Ordinary

Perhaps it's the routine nature of my job but whenever I need to attend an external training, funny things just tend to happen. Yesterday wasn't a fruitful day in terms of knowledge acquisition, but it WAS an interesting day.

So here it goes!

  1. Saw a kitten in distress causing a traffic disarray at the KESAS highway turn off to Subang Jaya and a kind Malay man came out from his car and scooped the poor critter up. Never in my almost-a-decade of driving experience have I witnessed such a commotion!
  2. On my journey to Bangsar South, Waze took me through the Gasing hill housing area and then into some half-built road which suddenly had a sign saying Tanah Perkuburan (cemetery). Thank goodness I had a car in front and behind me!
  3. I parked in the wrong building yet AGAIN! Thankfully I wasn't charged RM32 for parking, like last month when I drove to KL Sentral.
  4. I'd forgotten to bring my prescription glasses - so I had no choice but to head to the front row and squint at the projector screen all day. Probably squinted quite a bit at the leng chai high-flying lawyers and auditors too.
  5. I'd forgotten to bring my blazer, so I was like a mummy wrapped in a colourful shawl (not the thick warm ones, but the thin airy kind! Brrrh!)
  6. I met two of my ex-bosses and an ex-colleague. Both pleasant and awkward surprises.
  7. I discovered that when I make the first move, people tend to open up and be friendly. This introvert talked to a number of strangers and learned some new things from people I still don't know their names. I had a good time although I'd set out alone for this symposium. I guess many people are like me, dread initiating but able to go with the flow once it's started.
  8. From the different panelist sessions with the registrar and auditors, it was obvious that the different regulators hadn't been talking to each other, let alone the banking industry, when drafting the new Companies Act, 2016. Is CCM really ready to roll-out the new Act? The message was that we're likely to see a bumpy ride in the next two years.
  9. I'm dreading the time when the regulators will roll-out the change of registration numbers for all entities to streamline all the accounts with the various government departments. Why can't we just treat the Company Registration Number like our NRIC number and all other registration numbers like IRB, EPF, GST, SOCSO etc. to re-number their accounts and link up to the Company Number? This is the issue of the government departments operating in silos.
  10. The last session was supposed to be presented by a prominent local lawyer but he was late. So happened my neighbour had just stepped out for a call when the speaker arrived and he darted to the chair beside me. It was funny because the moderator, who was covering during the delay, was urging him to go up to the podium but for a split second he was concentrating more on buttoning his sleeves. After racing to the stage, he spoke without missing a beat. Hats off to lawyers for their public speaking abilities and wit. Everyone was engaged. When the session ended, he shook hands with the front row people and asked me if I'd fallen asleep. I was bewildered. How odd!
  11. I planned to race home before sunset to avoid driving at night without my glasses, but the symposium ended late and I had problems exiting the carpark, plus there were massive jams on the highways. I reached home even later than I would on a normal day. So much for my plans.
 All in all, I really can't say how the symposium has benefited me. Instead of seeing the benefits of the new Act, I saw incongruence. Perhaps I need to peruse the 620 sections to discover value.

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