Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cooking Experiments: Spaghetti Carbonara Scrambled

When the cat is out, the mouse comes out to play. It's just so awesome to have all the ingredients at hand and the only 'need' is to get into the mood. Today, after a long day at work and dinner-less, I decided to try cooking carbonara. A friend had said it's really easy and you basically only need eggs!

So I modified a recipe to suit... well, actually I just like modifying things according to gut feel! haha! It turned out...

Somewhat spaghetti carbonara - maybe next time...

Well, this is what I chucked in (also serves for my future reference):-

160 g spaghetti
40 g butter
half clove garlic, lightly smashed
3 strips streaky bacon
3 eggs
30 g parmesan cheese, grated
ground black pepper
4-5 tbsp cooking water (from boiling spaghetti)

Taste-wise, it was spot on! But form-wise, it was more like scrambled eggs. Hence, I dare not note down the methodology here. I think the problem was that the burner heat was too high and my tossing skills are too slow. I'm starting to realise that in cooking and baking, everything must be done fast and currently I'm dreadfully slow!

Rating: 50/50

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