Monday, December 12, 2016

Desert Rose - Dead and Alive

Every year we have charity sales in the office around September. I got a little desert rose plantling, which I was supposed to love and nurture as advised by my colleague. But by October, my poor desert rose plant lost all its leaves. I didn't dare tell my colleague this, because it was "hard work growing them from the seeds!". I was worried that I was indeed a plant killer!

Desert Rose plant - alive (left); seemingly dead (right)

Not wanting to face reality, I left the pot on a ledge outside my home. Hoping that something green will start growing again. But day after day there was no sign of life. So I started ignoring it, thinking that it was a lost case. The rain and sun shall take its course on the remaining stem and pretty soon it would shrivel up.

A month later, I came home from work and glanced at the ledge. To my surprise, there were leaves!!! Not one, not two but a FEW leaves! Big ones too! Amazed at nature and the second lease of life God gave my little desert rose plant!

alive from dead
My desert rose plant is ALIVE!
Encouraged, I remembered that some time back I collected a bunch of seeds from my uncle's plant. It was the second time in my life that I've actually seen desert rose seeds. The actual seed is like a tiny tube with a fluffy tail on each side, meant to be dispersed by the wind when the pod pops open. I was lucky to be there when the pod ruptured and caught about 12 seeds. Like when I was a kid, I had a hobby of keeping seeds - saga seeds, balsam seeds, sunflower seeds, papaya seeds. I kept the desert rose seeds in a tissue paper stuffed in my handbag for some weeks!

I got a bag of potting soil, which looked like compost when I opened it up, and some pots. With the blessing of the long weekend, my planting experiment was accomplished - three pots of desert rose seeds and one pot of bird's eye chili (second attempt after the first batch of plants were diseased).

lego man in garden
Desert rose seeds. Found a Lego man in my garden while looking for rocks!

colourful pots
My plants and seedlings on the ledge - grow, babies, grow!
N.B: I've to put my pots on the ledge as my doggie was eyeing the plastic pots as chew toys. Why do I always have terrorists as my dogs!?

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