Monday, January 19, 2015

Tissue paper yummy?

I will never fathom why dogs love stealing and eating tissue paper, regardless if it's clean or soiled.

Through the years we've had a number of dogs living with us and they ALL loved eating tissue paper!

Favourite past time would include rummaging handbags for food and tissue paper. Once, Zack sniffed out a chewing gum and tried eating it. His expression of the sticky rubbery gum gluing his jaws together was priceless! Another time he stole a packet of wasabi coated nuts and was choking and wheezing from the sting of the mustard. Safe to say we never let him near wasabi since then.

But what puzzles me is why dogs find the tasteless odourless tissue paper so appealing that they go through all trickery to get some to munch (and swallow)! Beats me.

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