Friday, January 09, 2015

Matching Mayhem

Firstly, I admit I am no fashionista. So let it be known that I am not speaking from an expert standpoint or wannabe-expert. My opinion expressed is from my own taste and logic.

I have a weakness for clothes and textile. A couple of months back I was this close to buying a pencil skirt just because of its material - the cutting was a little off for my body shape. Cutting out all the mental debate that occurred, in conclusion I didn't buy it. Yay, mind triumphed over heart! Mind 1-0 Heart

This is a picture of the material - a blue and white woven cloth (not a print but actual thread weave). Yes, a photo momento as my only consolation. I have many of such photos, my mid triumphs!

songket blue white
Just noticed that it has a heart in the motif - love woven stuffs!

Here comes the point of this post. While buying lunch, I saw a lady wearing that exact skirt in my office. But she had paired it with a frumpy faded lime green blouse! I felt so bad for the skirt! Such a pretty textile, its glory not accentuated but instead hidden behind an inferior article of clothing! It wasn't so much of the colour that was offending but the style and form of the blouse!

Oh well, I had my chance to give the skirt a better home but I didn't take it up. So no rights to complain.

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