Saturday, January 10, 2015

Look Up into the Sky

The weather for the past month has been wet, wet and wet. Daily downpours have taken us from a shortage of potable water to an excess of the same element, causing massive flooding in a few states. Looking out of my office window, a promising day can and will turn gloomy at one time or another.

I have become so used to cowering from the weather extremities of ceaseless rain and scorching sun that I can't remember the last time I took time to look upwards into the skies. To be honest, I think if I ever did, I would either get rain drops in my eyes or be blinded temporarily from the glaring sun.

So it was like a breath of fresh air when I saw the clearest blue sky with cotton candy clouds this afternoon while driving home. A lazy Saturday indeed but that feeling of going home, albeit a simple one, amplified by the beautiful sky was priceless! Praise God!

cotton clouds
Beautiful blue sky after a gloomy month!

Seems like I wasn't the only one who noticed this beauty - I saw a number of friends posting sky photos on Fb as well. But... I think mine does it more justice! *bangga diri, but seriously imho* ;)

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