Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Toy has arrived: Brother GS2700

I can't really pinpoint what actually sparked my interest to rekindle my search obsession from back in 2013.

toy mine
My new toy is not a toy?

On and off I have been hankering for a new sewing machine (yes, very "Aunty", I know!) mainly to ease the torture I have to go through whenever I have a sewing project. So finally I decided to buy an electric sewing machine, which coincidentally I had shortlisted in 2013 (as my Evernote post testifies).

I was prepared to fork out up to RM1,000 for a decent hobbyist machine. It didn't need to have a touch screen or embroidery functions. I just needed something that wasn't too basic and had zigzag stitches or any which could work with stretchable materials.

And so happens I came across a vendor on Lazada which was selling the Brother GS2700 sewing machine at a "lower than others" price. The local e-store for Brother was retailing the same at RM849 while other sites were selling at RM699 to RM800.

I bought my sewing machine for RM635 and after the Lazada RM30 app coupon, I paid RM605 in total (with free shipping). From the comments section, I read that some other lucky buyers had made their purchase during the storewide 10% off promotion - lucky fella! But I musn't be greedy.

This was the first time I've purchased something from Lazada, and through their app too! Never trusted much purchasing through smartphone apps, but it's amazing what discounts can do to your resolve. There was some "wait and see for better promotions" lead time and the horrific "out of stock" moments, but ultimately the purchase was made and the misery of suspense was ended.

buy sell e-commerce
Lazada app - purchase made!
Payment was made on Tuesday and by Thursday morning, my sewing machine had arrived! This was delightful as I thought my dilly-dallying had caused my toy to arrive on the 26th (due to the site stating 4 or more days for delivery). They even sent SMS notification that the order was received and another when they shipped the item out. My experience purchasing from Lazada has been pleasant (so far).

made in Vietnam
Brother GS2700 made in Vietnam
My item came wrapped in a plastic wrap, delivered by Skynet. I was surprised that the sewing machine was made in Vietnam and not made in China (like everything else!). It took me a lot of discipline to do my after work routine (help cook dinner, eat dinner and wash up) before opening the box.

sewing machine
Brother GS2700 unboxed
And here it is - my new sewing machine, a Brother GS2700! It has 27 stitch types, a one step button hole among other features,

Let the sewing begin!

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