Friday, May 23, 2014

The Right Choice?

So last week I turned down an offer which in every sense, with some exceptions, was a better deal. The basis for my decision was:
  1. distance
  2. environment - many unrelated acquaintances had some sort of negative perception on the place
  3. learning experience
  4. workload
However, now that I'm ladden with so much work in the new portfolio at my current place, I am starting to wonder whether I have made the right choice.
I feel like I may have chosen Mr Wickham over Mr Darcy. I don't really feel that real regret yet but I keep thinking of the "what if" whenever something goes wrong at work. I mean I could be doing the same amount of shit for a significantly higher amount of money and benefits.

Perhaps it may not be the wisest decision in terms of career progression, but I figured I should give this new portfolio a try for at least a year. Learn all I can and increase my knowledge capital as well as proving on my CV that I am not a serial jumper.

Besides having to help clear other people's mess, I am getting used to the pace of things and learning new things everyday keeps things interesting (albeit worrying that I will not be able to grasp it in time to meet the deadlines). I must remember that with a higher post, it is expected of me to have a certain level of competency (in terms of head knowledge) and this is not limited to my superior but also meet the expectation of my peers and subordinates. Therefore I still maintain that I may not be ready for that post at this point in time. But I will work towards that and pray that when I am more prepared, God will open the right doors for me again.

One of my consolation is that I now know my market value and declining an offer the first time isn't the end of the road. If an employer really wants to hire you, they will counter offer to meet your expectation. Meeting their criteria is secondary to attitude that you display during the interview. I believe displaying eagerness and saying the right things matter. Portraying a negative point in a positive light and admitting that you have weaknesses too shows that you are sincere and willing to work on your weaknesses. Responses doesn't have to be peachy perfect for everything.

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