Thursday, May 01, 2014

Need Vs Want... Oh which colour should I get?

The past few days I have been deliberately tempting myself to get my current dream smartphone - to buy or not to buy? This is the question. And every hiccup my two current phones make becomes an added excuse to justify buying the phone! The best part is that I know all this mind trickery serves no good purpose.

In March, I was pretty set on getting the red Nexus 5 but as luck or fate (or whatever you call it) would have it I couldn't find a shop who sold the phone off contract during my trip. So home I came with my pockets intact. Beat down the temptation for about a month.

However, as all temptations work, they resurface again. And I got to checking the price out on again and discovered that it had dropped by about RM100 in that one month time. I'm pretty sure it will drop more but at a certain point, stock will run out and you may not be able to buy the particular colour or model that you wanted in the first place.

Then I read some reviews and all of them said that the black one had a nicer surface touch whereas the red one had a matte plasticky feel, like the white one. Plus the red one is RM40 more than the black and white ones. So I am in a dilemma now. Which should I choose?

Red - unique, quite me (as my friend screeched on the metro in Tokyo)
Black - premium feel, cheaper

Gosh, why do I do this to myself? ;)

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