Sunday, May 18, 2014

Being Thankful: Day 94

I'm thankful for:

  1. rest. I think the only time that I can pay back my sleep debt is on the weekends. Yes, it has come to this - such an old lady! haha
  2. cool day. When it's sunny, we complain it's hot. When it's rainy, we complain it's gloomy. But I think I should make a conscious decision to be thankful for each day - at least it's not freezing cold like winter (I cannot tahan!)
  3. bread and butter. Simple pleasures in life. It tasted even better (and more satisfying) than the myKuali Penang White Curry Mee I had for lunch.
  4. managing to find a solution to export my calendar entries in my HTC Sensation to my Google calendar. More on that later.
  5. troubleshooting my laptop's wifi problem where the wireless adapter disappears from time to time and no wireless connection is available. I sort of uninstalled the wireless adapter driver (yea, smart aleck) without first noting down its name and then panic! Thankfully I could still use the LAN cable to connect to the internet and find a solution. In the end I found a driver from the HP website and tried downloading and installing it. Thus far it works! I hope this new driver will resolve the dropped wifi issue that has been plaguing my laptop since I bought it over a year ago.

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