Friday, July 27, 2012

Surprise Surprise! Another Fish Bites the Bait

Yesterday I received a call. It was another job offer from the hiring manager who interviewed me a couple of Saturdays ago at a local bank. This call comes more than a month after the interview. Perhaps their chosen candidate had backed out, but nevertheless it ended up as a job offer to me.
I was pretty surprised as a week or so earlier, I received a call from a HR person from the same bank asking me whether I was interested in applying for a copywriting position with them. Of course I had to politely decline this suggestion, but it is pleasant to know that they actually didn't rubbish my resume.

Going back to the job offer, I had to decline it as I had already said yes to another company. I kind of regret not enquiring how much they were willing to offer me (again!) - just to gauge my worth. But personally, I don't think it is fair to ask them this question when I was already set on declining the offer.

Another thing bugging me is my inability to deflect a prying question. I have failed so much in this area that everyone in my current place knows where I'm going, and even the aforesaid bank hiring manager! She even chipped in her opinion - which was supportive (unlike what some other people have said).

Weeks ago I had another job offer from the largest local bank. I had to turn it down also because it had come a week after I had agreed to join my future company. I knew for a fact that this bank provides very good benefits but the idea of working late every day and in a "matured" part of town was enough to make me rethink my decision of applying there in the first place. Another thing that didn't strike much fancy in me was the impression I had of their HR - first impressions do count a lot with me. Again, I did not ask how much they were willing to offer me.

Maybe I'm just peculiar, but this time around, I had already set in my heart which company I would prefer to join and if the company were to offer me the job, I would take it - regardless of whether their total package was less attractive than my other choices. Perhaps this is the underlying reason I was not so anxious to know what the 2 banks would offer. I know this is silly. And the basis of me wanting to join this chosen company is the pleasant experience liaising with their HR, the company's brand image and well, their location. I know, superficial reasons. But again, first impressions do count with me.

Although the offer I've accepted does not quite meet my expectations, I'm looking at this prospect in a positive light. I believe that I would be able to learn more in this company, as I would be exposed to a number of different industries, have the opportunity to work with a very different set of people (in terms of ethnicity) from what I am used to, and would be able to increase my value with experience in one of the top local public listed companies. I believe that we have to pay our dues when we are still young in order to prepare for greater responsibilities as we trudge ahead in our career paths - so it is important to choose an organisation that would push you to greater heights instead of looking for one that offers you a comfort zone to snuggle into.

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