Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Quit

Yesterday, I did what I had been worrying about and planning to do for the past 2-3 weeks. I resigned. One step nearer to achieving change in my life.
It was simpler than I'd imagined it to be. I guess this time I came equipped with advice and a strong will. I went through the same "talk" as my colleague did a week earlier. The usual, where the certainty of my decision was tested, intimidation and reverse psychology applied. I was given the choice of taking my letter home to rethink my decision to resign, but I kept a smiling face and said no thanks.

In fact, breaking the news to my senior manager was much worse. I don't know why I broke down when I told her I was resigning, the day before. Perhaps it was guilt for leaving the company in a critical time where we would be understaffed. But she was gracious in accepting my decision. She even went as far as to advice me on what to do next.

I find it uncanny that signs start popping up everywhere when my time at a certain place is up. It was the same in my first job, and now it is happening again. In the former, I only found out about the dire financial state of the company when I resigned. In the latter, it was a combination of the tangible and intangible cost of travelling to work and dissatisfaction with certain work environments/conditions.

It is a sad thing to leave behind the people I've bonded with for over a year. But I must remember that opportunity only knocks once. If timing was not an issue, I would definitely stay on until the transition process is complete and things settle down. But this is out of my hands, and it would not be fair to my future employer. So I had to 'just do it'.

I know that my resignation, along with my colleague's and my senior manager has caused our boss to worry about achieving our divisional KPI. But we have promised to do as much as we can in the 1 month that we will be here for.

I must be careful to not allow  anyone to emotionally blackmail me for leaving. After all, at the end of the day, it is my life - therefore my decision.

It is a curious thing that I had resigned on Wednesday after working hours and by Thursday morning, the PA to our CEO had already heard of out resignations. Funny how fast news travel.

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