Sunday, July 15, 2012

First Treasure Hunt

I've always heard how interesting and fun a treasure hunt can be, but an opportunity to join one had never come my way until now.
The decision to sign up for QQ2012 (for anonymity sake) was a hard one for my colleague and I, given the situation we were in. However, ultimately we decided to just go ahead and join on the deadline - a last minute decision. Getting a group together was a bit tricky - handling all the female drama - but we ended up recruiting the "less popular" people (by others' standards). And it was a brilliant decision.

The four of us were Team Clueless. All first time treasure hunters. All executives. All female. The odds were against us. Everyone expected us to lose, and actually teased us about it on more than one occasion. However, we were ourselves just entering for the experience and not for the prize.

Funny how things went wrong for us yesterday. We had no idea how to get to the final destination (Sungai Congkak, Hulu Langat), yet we had unwittingly secured the first spot in the convoy. We were panicking when the C-suites flagged us off. And thanks to my 'wonderful' navigating skills (I was the official navigator), we took the wrong turning at the DUKE highway and ended up driving all the way to the Duta Exit just to U-turn back. I don't dare count how much time was wasted there. Needless to say, we did get penalised 2 points for being 9 minutes late.

The 25 questions we had were apparently quite easy (according to some) but many were tricky. There were also 10 questions on road safety rules, 3 treasures to find, 2 sets of IQ questions and a task (open a durian without a knife and finish eating it).

When the answers were discussed by the organiser, we were really surprised that we had got 23/25 questions correct, all road safety questions correct, 2 treasures correct (actually we bought the third treasure too, but over-analysis made us make the wrong decision) and all IQ questions correct. The organisers were cruel by putting on their slides some of the wrong answers given - some of them were seriously hilarious! Real jokers we have among us! One of the treasure we were supposed to find was an eraser - however 7 out of the 22 teams handed in condoms - and the organiser forced each one of the teams to identify themselves (also with a photo session) during the slide presentation! Thank goodness we checked with Google before jumping to any conclusions on that quest.

The biggest surprise for us (and everyone else), was when we won 1st runner up (silver)! Honestly, all of us were sitting there staring at each other for about a second or so before realising what had happened. And it's a little sad to say that not everyone clapped and cheered for us - I hope it was because they were shocked and not because they hold a grudge against us for winning (due to our gender/position/misunderstanding in forming teams/"unpopularity"/infamous resignation incident). But the fact is, we won RM800 worth of vouchers.

The second runner up was a team made up of our COO, SEVP and executives. While first place went to a team made up of managers, senior managers and a VP (from my dealings with them in the office, I must say that these guys are all really down-to-earth and nice people - smart too!). I guess a bunch of ditzy exec girls did not fit into the picture too well.

Anyway, I am so glad that we decided to enter and winning 2nd place was a bonus indeed! Our last sports club event joined. What a way to say goodbye.

Our medal and the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back - if only we submitted the candles instead of the 'tulips'

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