Saturday, July 28, 2012

In Contravention of Yourself

Social media has encouraged this culture of giving out too freely your opinion of others in a public setting. And it hurts when it comes from someone you thought you knew better. The sad part is that these "opinions" are self-contradictory. Like a pot calling the kettle black. One should not point fingers at others and persecute them for the life-changing choice they have made when one is also doing the same thing.

The question of 'why the double standard' arises. Is resigning for a better offer / opportunity such a big sin? We are not even joining competitor companies in the same industry! And if one really thinks that we are being disloyal and devious, one had better check their life priorities. The fact is we work for money - a job is not our life and a company is not to be worshiped.

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