Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fifth Sewing Project: A Book Bag for Mom

On one of our trips to Kamdar, mom came across some remnant cloth in the curtains and upholstery section and asked me to make her a book bag. So after a few weeks of activities and procrastination, I decided to make the bag.

It took me a couple of days to plan it out (only during my free time), and after all the planning, I only used some of the ideas I had thought of.

The plan

This time around, I had no mood to take photos of the whole process. And this project was faster because I finally got down to shortening the sewing machine rope so that I could run the machine with the foot pedal, unlike the previous projects where I had to turn the wheel with my hand.

Since the material was synthetic and very prone to fraying, and I didn't have a surging machine, I used French seams to seal in the fabric's cut ends. To cut the long story short, this took me only two evenings (after dinner).

Book bag for mom (with books in it)

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