Friday, February 18, 2011

Fourth Sewing Project: Little Wallet

A couple of weeks ago, while I was in the midst of my designer cotton-craze shopping spree, I found a locally-based cotton blogshop - d'amani cottontherapy - and coincidentally they were having their first giveaway! Three Valori Wells Little Wallet kits were up for grabs, and I was just so enamoured with the Matryoshka Russian Doll kit (together with the lovely Michael Miller Garden Pindot Cherry fabric piece). What we, visitors, had to do was become a follower of their blogshop and Facebook account, and leave a comment on "what do you love about being a woman". So I did precisely that. And surprise, surprise... I was one of the three winners!

The kit arrived right on my birthday and I was hoppity happy it was the Matryoshka Russian Doll kit (my first choice)!

Look how matching they are!
I know it only takes an hour or two to complete this project, but my schedule was just crazy with CNY around the corner, my (then) upcoming interview, numerous promises to be fulfilled and friends meetups to attend - all congruently successfully diverting my sewing frenzy away from the path to obsession.

I finally managed to complete this little project yesterday night. This is a brief (by my standard) narrative of how it went.

Arranging the cloth pieces and imagining how it would look like after sewing.
After sewing across the top of the pocket pieces. I think my interfacing was a tad bit too stiff - made my life difficult later.
All the wallet fabric pieces sewn together inside out. I know the sewing is a little out of line. I might have over-stretched the linen while guiding it under the sewing machine needle.
Turning it inside in/outside out. The stiff interfacing made this step very difficult and caused a bit of fraying to the linen.
This is how the Little Wallet looks after pressing, sewing up the side and adding a press stud.
I added a bow to the design, to cover up my 'messy' press stud sewing and also to embellish it (as usual, I have a knack of over-doing things!) 
I made another Little Wallet with remnant cloth chucked to me by mum's friend. I couldn't sew a press stud on the Batik one due to the fragility of the foil-like fabric.
P.S: Thanks d'amani cottontherapy!

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  1. wow! it's so cute! thank you for sharing ;)