Saturday, February 19, 2011

Don't Get Stuck!

Honestly speaking, I thought I was one of the lonely few who had this dilemma of questioning life at this age of mid-twenties. I'd even nicknamed it 'quarter-life crisis' and joked about it with my peers. When I read this article from RELEVANT Magazine (a friend had posted it on Facebook), I found some parts of it resonated with what I had been asking myself lately. And all this time I thought these questions were popping out from an idle mind - too free for my own good.

With the daily going-ons of life, it is sometimes more convenient to brush these insecurities off and instead try getting ourselves busy - ignoring the innate check and balance we have in-built into our brains. We drift through life in our comfort zone, trying to minimise changes - as they disrupt the predictable daily pattern. And when we finally realise that so much time has passed, it is too late to retract and redo what we missed out on.

What struck a note of recognition in the article was the part where when there is a get together with friends, we always tend to talk about our schooling days. Somewhat "stuck" in our younger days. Unconsciously we tend to gravitate to that direction. Why is that so? I don't want to be "stuck" in my past. I need to make a conscious effort to move ahead.

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