Tuesday, February 22, 2011

As I Marvel At God's Timing...

The past week has been like a time bomb. I had a secret that I had to keep until the time was ripe. Every time I had a call, I would jump! I was restless in office.

It all started in December when I happened to chance upon a job ad on the MAICSA website. I had not planned to start applying for a new job until my CFM results were out (which should be next week), but this company had just the right background I was looking for. And although the ad stated that they required the applicants to have relevant experience, I decided to throw that point to the wind and carpe diem! I sent in my resume, after 1 month of deliberation.

There was no news for another month and I pushed the matter to the back of my mind. Just before Chinese New Year, I received a call requesting me to attend an interview the next day. As I was not prepared at all, I requested a reschedule of the interview and was granted one. After ending the call, I was kicking myself for making such an impulsive reckless request but was thanking God that it all turned out well.

So I had a week to prepare for the interview. Besides reading up on the company info, I tried to re-read my Corporate Secretaryship notes and memorise the forms and sections in the Companies Act 1965. I really didn't know what to expect - a technical interview or a general one?

On the interview day, I was almost late due to the jam in Shah Alam and on the Federal Highway. Since I was running late of my schedule, I parked opposite the housing area in Kelana Jaya, hopped on to the LRT and headed to Ampang. Reaching there in the nick of time, I had two written tests - to draft a meeting minutes and write an essay. As usual, I approached the tasks with an 'open' mind (literally open... kosong! panic attack!) but eventually calmed down and finished them. The interview itself was so different from what I had mentally prepared for. I guess my prayers were answered - God probably knew that I'd ruin things if I were asked any technical questions! :) It was a light-hearted Q&A with a majority of briefing by each of the three interviewers - a HR rep, division manager and division VP.

Somehow, I'd got the vibe that they'd actually already decided before meeting me and that the interview was just to double confirm. I had this similar feeling when I was interviewed for my first (current) job and that turned out well. Anyway, that was just what I felt and not based on fact or anything substantial. It ended with them telling me they still had 2 other candidates and that I would know latest by end of the week or early next week. I went back to PJ and discovered that my car had a MBPJ summon flapping on my windshield wiper! Oh well, I considered the summon as an investment in my future.

The end of the week came and it was past 5.30pm (end of working hours) when I got a call. Thank God I was alone in the office at that time - the guys were outstation and the girls were on leave or out of office. Coincidence? I think not. If it were otherwise, I think I would have ran out of office to answer the call (which would look really suspicious). The verdict was in - I'd got the job!

I was really happy and might have accidentally hung up on the HR lady. I don't know for sure. Their offer was what I had asked for. I was praising the Lord! When He opens a door, no one can shut it! Mum was the first to know. However, the CEO had to approve the appointment before an offer letter could be issued. Therefore at that point in time, it was only verbal confirmation. So I did not tell many people about it.

I had to wait another week for the offer letter to be issued. They sent me the softcopy a day after I submitted the medical checkup report. And then came the next headache - How to tender my resignation and try to negotiate a waive over the three-months contractual notice period that I was bound to.

This called for another appeal for help from God. Mum and Ah Yee joined me in prayer for a smooth resignation process. I was so nervous and had not even composed my resignation letter when I saw my boss on Skype (he'd been away from office for most of the week) and requested an appointment with him. Amazingly he had just came back from an overseas business trip and was planning to enter office later that evening.

When he did come in and settled down, he called me into his office. Before I could even state my purpose, he asked me, "Where are you going?"
Misunderstanding him, I replied, "Oh no, I'm not asking for a leave, actually I want to resign."
Then he replied back, "I know, I know. Which company are you heading to?"
I was thrown off track from my plan. I did not even need to broach the subject and it was done!

He then told me something that made me realise how great God's timing is. As he knew I was taking ICSA, he told me I could go with his blessings and advised me to learn as much as I can and perhaps one day, our paths might cross again. And as for the dilemma of my three-months notice period, that was also settled. Stepping out of his room, I really couldn't believe how it all went.

God is great! He has taught me time and again that there is no use worrying and trying to rush things. But somehow I seem to always go back to my mortal habit of over-worrying myself when something I want isn't showing up on time (i.e. in my timing). When He blesses it is always in the best timing - God's timing.

This has been my 'tagline/status' on Skype for more than a year: "God answers prayers, so let go!". It is really true and I have several personal testimonies. The moment we let go of the situation and hand it to God, He opens the door of opportunity that we have been waiting for. When will we start trusting in Him with all the situations in our lives? Hand over the steering wheel to God and let him drive our lives. (I know it is easier said than done. I for one am still trying to do that)

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