Thursday, September 30, 2010


It is sad to see sisters in Christ speaking (or maybe the more appropriate word: boasting) of unforgiveness and putting a person down behind her back, in a somewhat public domain. I feel stuck in the middle because all the parties concerned are friends of mine.

However, ignorance is bliss. Whatever one doesn't know won't hurt one. So let this just pass as another case of virtual diarrhea. Praying that the cyber traffic turnover rate will be so high that the thread will be just like a grain of sand on the beach, where no one will make a double take on it.

I don't know what caused this hate and will probably never fathom how it must have felt like, but at this point in time, I am reminded of every time I have blown up in rage in the past and I forgive all those who have hurt me (wittingly and unwittingly), as I hope I have been forgiven for my volatile reactions. I take this as a lesson that, Christian or not, we are all still man - fallible and foolish.

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