Friday, October 01, 2010


I know it is sadistic to laugh when someone gets hurt, but when I read this on Bernama, I couldn't help it!

This guy was riding his bicycle in Jakarta, carrying a home-made bomb when it suddenly exploded in front of a traffic policeman. The policeman said he saw the guy sprawled on the road with nails scattered about him. He got up and tried to run away but was apprehended by the police. He sustained head wounds and a fractured right leg and arm, and was hospitalised. The policeman was unhurt, although he was only one metre away from the explosion.

The home-made bomb consisted of nails, sulphur powder, a plastic string and a lighter. There were two letters written with "warnings to the infidels associated with satan for killing the Mujahideen".

Somehow I keep picturing it in my mind like a comic strip.

  1. Guy sets out with evil intent on his bicycle
  2. Kaboom!
  3. Guy sprawled on road (Splat!) with bomb components around him
  4. Guy tries to run away but gets caught by police
Is this karma? hahaha
(If I could draw better, I would've added a visual to this)

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