Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In the news today: Murders, Murders, Murders

For the past few days, the headlines have been dominated by the then 'missing case' of Datuk Sosilawati - the millionaire owner of a local cosmetics company - which has now been classified as a murder case. According to newspaper reports, the successful career lady together with a lawyer, bank officer and her driver were beaten, stabbed multiple times and burnt in a farm in Banting.

Their bodies were burnt using a traditional method from India, where cow dung and fuel were used to speed up the cremation and burning efficiency. Their ashes were then scattered in a river. The main suspects in this murder case are two brothers, both lawyers and one of them holds a Datukship.

Today's NST headlines particularly made me shake my head in disbelief - "Datuk may be linked to at least 17 murders". As I read the related reports in the newspaper, it's a wonder with so many missing persons and violence-related cases reported against this Datuk, why does he still hold the Datuk title and hasn't been under investigation? To see who this 'person' is, click on to this Utusan Malaysia article (Note: at the time I'm writing this, all the other major English and Malay newspapers have censored off his face - the one in purple prison uniform).

One of the other reported cases involved a workshop owner who was related to this Datuk and had been slashed and shortly later his wife slashed to death in front of their home. Another involved a businessman from India who never returned home after dealing with this Datuk and his wife came over to Malaysia to search for him but the police weren't helpful (all this, read from newspaper reports).

To read more about this case, here is the NST article - 17 murders! And for some juicy news check the Malay Mail. It seems the Datuk's wife has swiped the 2 kids from their international school and skipped town.

And to suddenly see all the politicians giving their two cents worth of opinion and 'urging' the authorities and the rakyat to prioritise investigation and not misinterpret it as a racial killing, makes me sick. Call me skeptical, but I really think that they're just riding on the publicity - get their names mentioned as much on media headlines to remind us all that they are there and that we should take their statements as proof of their concern and don't forget to vote for them come next election season! *whoopeee! (with ample sarcasm)*

Anyway, another murder case in the news is about a female religious teacher and her son murdered by their flat neighbour in Port Dickson. He tricked her into letting him into her flat, hit her and her son and tied them up, taped their mouths, covered their head with a sarong and left them to suffocate under the shower. And all this for... money... a mere RM3,500 (after selling her jewellery) to pay for his car loan and bills. What kind of human is this? Who would kill to pay for a car loan? Sell the car if you can't afford it, dude! Why take someone else's life? Someone who is unrelated to you and has not wronged you or cause you to be in this financial debacle!?! And such a cruel way of killing... and on top of that, a 10-year-old kid!?! Pure evil.

Note (20 Sept 2010):  It is now reported that the murder suspect lawyer bought his fake 'Datuk' title and that none of the royal families had awarded him a Datukship.

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