Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Rejoicing Today!

Today, 3 wishes of mine came to pass! Perhaps wishes may not be such an appropriate word to use, more of prayers/wants...

Due to last minute gelling of certain travel plans, I had to approach my boss to request for an extraordinary leave. I was really worried since the night before when I was briefed of the plans and had planned to offer working from wherever I am (if he said NO). On top of that, I suddenly realised that I'd forgotten to add in the ICSA exam dates - which would imply that the leave had to be prolonged! Although I didn't tell anyone, I was praying like a nervous nut while driving all the way to work. And honestly, I was in a state of serious doubt of whether my request would be granted (God, forgive me of little faith!).

It was peculiar that my boss came in early today, as these past few weeks he has been really extremely busy with meetings outside office. And when I finally garnered the courage to Skype him requesting a meeting with him, he was free and willing! I can just imagine what he thought I wanted to meet him for - resignation? hahaha... but no, I just stated the situation and after some stalling comments about procedure (I think he was thinking it over), he said it should be FINE! And well, he did say something else... which is P&C at the moment, and which leads me to my second prayer answered!

Some may know I've been having moments of directionless-ness these past few months about my career. I was torn between personal interest, money, gaining experience and sitting in my comfort zone. I've been praying for direction and was even prayed for by my Alpha group leader months ago. What my boss told me today sort of settled the money and gaining experience issues I had. Praise the Lord! However, the plans have not been set in stone yet, so I'm hoping it will come to pass soon enough!

The third wish was a silly one. I wanted a table calendar for 2010. And whoever I asked, also wanted one! Then lo and behold, my supervisor comes into office and distributes table calendars to everyone! Yahoo!

It's a good day today! Very much blessed!! =)

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