Friday, January 29, 2010

It's not so Boring and Greek after all...

For the past two weekends I've been attending Corporate Financial Management (CFM) classes. The first lecturer we encountered was Dr Harvey Gill. He eased us in to the toughest ICSA subject - it isn't too bad (yet) and lots of memory work which we're supposed to have already done during Financial Accounting (and which I can't remember a single thing). His advice was to read The Star Biz section everyday and The Edge weekly publication. When we met the other CFM lecturer (whom Dr Harvey calls 'Uncle Chee'), he recommended the same thing, besides reading a finance reference book.

So, I've been trying to read Star Biz this past week. Honestly, I've never finished reading the whole section yet. I'm always just getting through to the first 5 pages before I'm somehow disrupted everyday. Initially I thought I'd have to read with a computer in front of me, so that I can look up the business jargons on but I've grown lazy and just try reading as much before falling asleep! The partially unread Biz sections are piling up in my room - I only flick the Biz section from office because I don't think anyone reads that part.

Anyway, my point being that it's true what Dr Harvey said. He said we would first find it such a chore to read the Biz section but after a week, we will start getting interested. Personally I found that it's getting interesting because I see all these company names which I've either seen on billboards or buildings or product labels etc which were only words to me before, but now I get to see what drama is happening behind their boardroom doors! With all the announcements these PLCs have to make to Bursa Malaysia according to the Listing Requirements, we get to speculate whether the company's in the pink of health or not.

And the current EON Cap takeover bid by Hong Leong... Interesting... I'm actually seeing (oh well, reading actually) what I studied in my previous ICSA courses, in action. All the procedures, EGM, permission from Bank Negara, MSWG etc. Hope this interest lasts (at least till June!). ;)

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