Monday, January 25, 2010

Biawak Visits The Gas Station

Yesterday night, mum and I had a hysterical screaming session in the car after pumping petrol at the BHP station near our home. Mum was reversing the car from the pump kiosk to drive over to the air pump (for tyres) at one end of the petrol station.

Then I saw something dark and long with a swishing thick tail "climbing" the floor towards a car which was filling petrol right next to us. The man quickly stepped up on to the tiled kiosk curb whilst holding the pump nozzle! Turns out it was a BIAWAK! (monitor lizard) I bet that man was shitting-in-his-pants-nervous! hahaha but the biawak decided to scoot under the car and cross over to another small car nearby.

I don't know what happened then because mum and I were busy scream-laughing and maneuvering the car to the air pump kiosk. Apparently the two men filling petrol into their car tanks heard us and were staring amusedly at us, not knowing whether to keep a poker face on or start laughing.

Well, the biawak then decided to try getting a free meal from the convenience store at the petrol station. The poor thing didn't know that there was a wall of glass separating him from all the packaged goodies in the store and kept knocking his head at the locked glass door. Or perhaps he knew about the glass and was just knocking as a means to ask to go in? Anyway, the two BHP staff on overnight duty came to the glass door and tried to gesture it to go away. It did.

The biawak started "climbing" our way - towards us! We started screaming again and I told mum to drive away and don't open the door. The last I looked, the BHP guys were laughing at us too!

Thankfully, the station has two air pump kiosks, so we drove to the other one and did what we had to do and went home.

What an experience! I never knew monitor lizards still existed in a highly populated/developed area.

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