Friday, January 01, 2010

A new experience to start a New Year

As I'm typing this, it's around 2.30am and I've just finished eating my 'postponed' dinner. 'Postponed' because we just came back from church! Yes, this is my first time attending a Watch Night Service! I've always wanted to but was too chicken to follow someone...

Initially, that was on the day of CL's departure, we had decided to go for the celebration at Dream Centre. However, at the last minute, we decided to go back to our church because we were bringing someone else along. The road was surprisingly clear, especially on the Sprint highway and we arrived just in time, right at the moment when the congregation started singing praise & worship songs, i.e 8.30pm sharp. I didn't really look around but I think the main sanctuary was about 60-70% filled, with not many 'young people' in attendance.

Basically the order of the service began with praise & worship, followed by testimonies, a number by the choir, Holy Communion, more praise & worship, long service awards & election of the first 2 elders (it seems this is something new) and SP's message on the church's tagline/motto/vision theme for the new year.

Due to the watery eyes I'm starting to have as a result of consistent yawning bouts, I'll cut this short and say that I heard the soft thuds of the fireworks outside while we were praying. I'm guessing it's either from the KLCC area or Bangsar/Curve area.

The testimonies were uplifting - too many, till Pastor S had to "timeout" them! One young guy reminded me of my weirdo friend, from the way he talked and the things he said (saying "clap clap for us" hahaha). And then there was a young couple who'd gone through trial after trial with their baby daughter's health and to see them praising God and keeping their faith up! Wow! Amazing. Another elderly lady was cured from a 15 year cough while another sister had received multiple healing in different parts of her body throughout the year (that people started to laugh in amusement).

Surprisingly, the first person to text me a new year greeting was my industrial training supervisor! And I had saved his number as 'Mr K'. I was pretty shocked that he still remembers me - after all, it's been about 2 years and I had signed up for the wrong industrial training at the time! Later on while I was in the service, came texts from one of my very first friends - Nisha, good friend YC, form 6 uncle - PJ, sayangz Jac & JH, ex-boss and current boss... to name a few... Thankfully I had the presence of mind to put my phone on silent, if not, it would've been 'ding dong' -ing the whole night through!

OK I'm dropping off to sleep already. Post more when I've had enough shut eye time.

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