Monday, January 04, 2010

My Heart 'Gushes' at the Sound of Music

Those who've read L.M. Montgomery books will probably have come across phrases about how the "heart gushes" in a certain situation etc. Somehow I "feel" that way these days whenever I listen to certain songs! My heart "gushes" when I hear solid bass line and tasteful drum rolls paired together. Somehow, lead or rhythm guitar don't make my ears prick up as such. So much so that it makes me want to learn to play bass or drums (although I do have the facilities at home... hmmm...).

If I were a heavy metal junkie, that would be reason enough. But I'm not and what I'm referring to is contemporary music. Its curious why music has become so much more real to me this past year. It's like I feel so much more when listening to music than I used to. And LK's influence has spoiled me in the sense that I almost always cringe at low quality sound files (128kbps is insufficient) and too much modern synth or drum machine is just a turn-off! When I listen to a song on repeat, I start picking out any weird synthesiser fillers used such as meaningless synth violin rifts or that fake harp (harmonica) signature sound that the boy band Blue insists on using in every song (YUCK X1000)!! And it is SO ANNOYING! Its like some tic in my brain - keeps on repeating and gets emphasised by my thought process...

American pop music these days are just so plastic and squeaky clean, that I now crave for something more organic - unplugged with good acoustics (Raising Sands by Robert Plant & Alison Krauss is a thumbs up!). The modern Brit stuff are trying to either go indie/retro/lo-fi or atmospheric, but too much of it is making every song sound generic. But I guess their mastering is still not the 'oh-so-perfect pop' of the former. Gosh, I'm getting really picky ("yim chim"), I'm just glad I've not reached the level where satisfaction only comes when the recording has the warm crackle of the 33⅓ rpm LP album or the subtle-but-barely-there hiss of the ⅛ inch cassette tape.

P.S: Bet you were thinking I was talking about the musical, just from reading the title! haha... love misleading people! ;)

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