Friday, August 28, 2009

Monkey Business

So, this whole week has been a school holiday. You'd think that leaving the two 'old folks' at home would be fine... but lo and behold, they end up in monkey business! Now, now, keep your creative juices to yourself... when I say "monkey business" I literally mean m-o-n-k-e-y business!!

Well, it goes like this. Mum wanted to wash her car (not required to rush off to work, for once!) and that was when she noticed this primate looking down at her from our porch roof. The cheeky monkey had a faux leather belt at its waist, signifying that he must have been someone's pet. The straw that broke the camel's back was when the monkey started peeing on the roof and so mum started shouting and dad came out to investigate.

Naturally, the nosy joke-of-a-dog doberman pinscher was yapping away when he discovered the long-tailed intruder on his turf. Zack's bark was such an annoyance that the monkey was trying to rip off my roof tiles to throw at the dog - to shut him up!

So, together my parents embarked on their first attempt at shooing the primate away, by spraying water at him. This made the furry friend flee. However in defiance, he came back. And thinking that the tactic would work again, they hosed the monkey down, but this time, our little friend stood up and enjoyed the stream of water - trying to get a mouthful of water, in the process! The cheeky monkey must have been thinking "if you can't beat it, join in the fun and enjoy it!" hahaha

Seeing that the "water cannon" tactic was not working anymore, dad went looking for the PVC pipe device thing that we used to use to pluck mangoes before we cut down our tree. With that long wobbly pipe, he tried to scare off the monkey. However, that little cheeky bugger tried to catch the wobbly end of the pipe with his small hands - failing many times to grab a hold of it. In the end, he managed to catch hold of the pipe and tried to chew it to smithereens! Somehow or another, my parents gave up the pursuit and decided to leave the animal alone so that he would get bored and go away on its own accord.

Mum just continued on with washing her car. The monkey looked on. When she was done, she went in and my parents watched behind the drapes at the window. Mr monkey attempted to climb down the wall but could not find his footing half way down, so he climbed back up. After some time, the observers lost patience and retired to their daily chores and so, the monkey saga ends there.

It seems that today, the monkey was plaguing one of the opposite neighbour who was preparing food for her business (assuming that it's for Ramadhan bazaar). According to dad, there were shouts in interval coming from that direction. I guess the cheeky Mr monkey decided to take a tour of the neighbourhood and paint the town red with all his antics!

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