Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Competitive Flatulence

Something weird has been happening in my office for the past fortnight. There has been this farting competition (for the record, yours truly did not participate! I still believe that that sacred act of letting off air should be saved for the privileged few *wink*). There has been countless instances of fart ambush taking place among the older generation.

Being one who is uncontrollably tickled by stupid fart jokes, I've found this behavioral display quite amusing. Thankfully I have not become one of the targets for a fart ambush. I guess my gender still offers me some sort of protection!

It's funny to see how fart is used to:
  1. wake people up
  2. attack people
  3. make people stop watching movies on company time
  4. announce his presence
  5. tease people
  6. just an excuse to make people jump up and run away
Ah, the many uses of fart! Of course, what I'm referring to are the loud ones, and not the deadly silencers.... hahahahahaha

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