Saturday, October 22, 2016

Weekend Jog and Reading

After working a full week, the weekends tend to be a time to sleep in and do nothing; or to carry out the non-work routines. Life (or at least mine) tend to revolve around routines and little blips of irregularities from time to time.
Today was one such of the said irregularities. My weekend resolve is always to wake up early for a jog but most of the time the plan never materialises. However, today the resolve was stronger and I went for a solo jog at a nearby park. The weather was pleasant although there was a barely-there drizzle. I had Tame Impala to keep me company while I alternated between walking and jogging. This would be the second time I've gone to this park alone.

I thought I was 100% back to my usual self, but I guess my body is still recovering from the flu attack two weeks back. I found it difficult to jog continuously and I also started coughing. So I took it easy by going 2 rounds. It felt good to challenge myself and I kept forgetting to pace myself with my breathing. The alone time was refreshing - I guess this is the introvert side basking.

I also realised that again, I feel like I can identify with a song - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards. Interesting how our senses can trigger connections with experiences to create moments of truth.

Besides the siesta, it was a productive day as my late afternoon was occupied with tidying up some parts of the house, including climbing up a ladder to remove a bird nest in the ventilation slots. The nest was getting out of hand and part of it was already in our house on top of the wall lights. I also spruced up 6 pairs of shoes - this was one tiring back-breaking task. But the reward for cleaning is seeing the dirt vanish like those television ads for cleaning products! Amazing! I think I'll do my leather wallet next! 

Digging up forgotten food in the fridge and whipping up a meal is always satisfying. It's just nice to see the fridge empty (well, not exactly empty but more like free from clutter) and have a home-cooked meal and tea at the same time.

But perhaps the best part was finishing the book I was intermittently reading - Luka and the Fire of Life by Salman Rushdie. I must admit I've been converted into a fan. Reading this brought me back to that time in my earlier life where I couldn't put a book down from the thrill of reading! I've missed having this feeling.

So many things to accomplish and decisions to make for this weekend. But I am still not getting down to the important tasks. Ah, procrastination!

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