Sunday, October 02, 2016

Stocktake of 2016

It's October - past the mid-year review of my goals for this year. Initially I was thinking that I had not achieved much so far. But when I look back at the experiences I've had this year, I think I am on track! This year's resolution was to have as many firsts and yes, I have been having many firsts! Some of my 'mini achievements of firsts' thus far, in no particular order:-

  1. Had a New Year celebration date
  2. Had a birthday trip
  3. Baked and cooked a bunch of stuff I've never done before
  4. Started cooking regularly - almost every week (for own unassisted projects)
  5. Got my dogs vaccinated
  6. Made a mistake of agreeing to 'something' and handled the situation. Never blindly accept help ever again, SM, never again!
  7. Flew MAS for the first time (and didn't like it)
  8. Flew from Malaysia to Malaysia when we were supposed to fly to Boracay (drama)
  9. Had my first positive feedback from one of the Senior Management
  10. Led a pre-Board briefing session for the Senior Management team
  11. Saw my suggestions for the operations report format adopted in our quarterly reporting to the Board
  12. Started getting acquainted with colleagues from other departments (after my team member left, I had to do all the liaising, so relationships were strengthened)
  13. Agreed to a colleague's attempt at playing cupid and well, nothing came out of it! lol (yea, so everyone can stop saying that I didn't try)
  14. Started attending BSF ladies class and sticking to it although my friend had abandoned me after one class
  15. Participated in my first Chariofare run
  16. Became the ice cream girl for pre-sale and Chariofare sale (juggling orders and work was hell I tell ya!)
  17. Stepped foot on Philippines, Bangkok (Thailand) and another country soon! :)
  18. Open to impromptu trips (well, actually all the trips this year were impromptu!)
  19. Reformatting my laptop by trial and error
  20. Opening up my laptop to see the internal battery
  21. Bought my first two-piece swimsuit and made alterations to it. Haven't got a chance to wear it yet! (actually, don't know if I'd have the guts to wear it out - I think I'll be like the girl in that Polka Dot Bikini song)
That's all that I could think of at this wee hour of the morning (I haven't slept since yesterday). To more firsts in the remaining quarter!

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