Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Nexus 5 hot and not powering up [Solved]

I thought I could rest on my medical leave but while I was clearing my Nexus 5's memory to accommodate the software updates, the phone suddenly wouldn't turn on when the standby button was pressed. I tried to boot the phone but it didn't work too.

remove battery
Nexus 5 surgery - I sick you also sick!

Initially I thought that it had shutdown due to a low battery but plugging it into a charger did no good either. My phone was strangely getting very hot around the area next to the back-facing camera. I think I was in my feverish mind, and chucked the phone into the fridge for 5 minutes to cool it down.

However, after taking it out it started heating up at the same area. So I decided to youtube how to remove the battery (and arrest whatever jamming that was happening). This is one of the problems of having a sealed battery phone, just like my laptop! Invasive measures are required.

Cracking off the back cover was the most difficult part. Initially I used my nails and got it all scratched up. Then I used a plastic cake knife but only a quarter of the back cover budged. The best was to use a guitar pick to pry the edges open. I broke one of the pins, but I'm not sure if it was already broken from the one-storey fall a few months back.

The bottom corners had double-sided tape inside so that was causing the resistance when trying to lift off the back cover. Next was to unscrew the 6 tiny Phillips-head screws to remove the black plastic plate to reach the battery. After that, I unplugged the battery connectors and let it stand for a couple of minutes while cleaning up the dust inside.

Thank goodness when I assembled it all back together, my Nexus 5 powered up and was working all well again! Phew! What a relief, I thought I had to get a new phone and the only one that would tempt me now is the new Google Pixel.

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