Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Looking back with no regrets

I have said this before. Sometimes certain things happen for a purpose. 

It is natural that we yearn to return to what we are used to, no matter if it is something pleasant or not. I had this feeling for these few months, thinking that maybe I could still go back. 

But something did happen. And I was reminded that although no bridges were burned intentionally, that was in the past. A different life altogether. 

It was quite a painful lesson. To hear of it and knowing that I was used in a bad manner unbeknownst to me. Shame on you. To attack me behind my back. Such unprofessionalism. 

But this just proves that I made the right move. And at least I am above resorting to such underhanded tactics of self-preservation.

I never judged you although I had heard stories but now that I have myself experienced the bad end of it, I have concluded that a bad loser is just not someone to look up to. I will not be turned into a pillar of salt.

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