Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Baking Experiments: Hokkaido Cake

After class, practice makes perfect. So since my first baking class, I have practiced baking Hokkaido cakes twice. The more I practice, the less panic I get and the squeaking is minimised. Mum taught me that mixing the batter into the meringue is best done with bare hands and it is true!

chiffon cake
Fresh in the oven
The browning of the crust is only achievable after a short span in grill mode. The cakes come out fluffy when they are hot but shrinks as they cool down. This is normal, although it may look alarming when we watch them collapse.

fluffy hot
Fluffy when hot

collapse when cool
Collapses when cool

The cakes puff back up when cream is pumped in. In class, we didn't have the right piping nozzles and most of our cakes were quite damaged. I bought a simple nozzle for this purpose, it isn't the best but it works.

birthday treat
Birthday treat for a friend

My product was presentable enough to be a birthday treat for a good friend (or so I suppose). My first batch went to my aunty and family, one to my colleague and the rest for our own family consumption. The second batch was mainly for my friend's belated birthday during our girls' night out.

On another note, I bought myself a Camry. Check it out! ;)

cheap but looks good
My Camry

... a Camry weighing scale. Honestly I chose it because I need a new weighing scale and also it looked pretty sleek. When I got home only did I realise it was called a Camry! hehe

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